Saturday, October 12, 2013

the happiest place on earth with matching shirts

Monday: Family Disneyland Day! Matching T-shirts! Of course some drama, but mostly good 'ol Disney fun. We stayed together most of the day, but with age differences between the children we did end up splitting up for a while to allow naps and eating and what not. EZ enjoyed the outdoor rides (Dumbo, Rockets, Train etc) but did not love any of the indoor rides because his tender heart doesn't like to be in darkness... so for like Small World, Peter Pan, and Nemo etc. he would burrow his face into our shirts or grab our hands to cover his ears or eyes, and then cry through most of the ride. His least favorite was probably Nemo (but we did it at night... oops) or the Buzz Lightyear/Zurg shooting ride. Poor kid cried so much that we stopped going on rides (esp at night) because he just didn't like 'em.

That night most of us lined up to watch Mickey's Soundsational Parade and OH! The magic! All the kids were mesmerized and waving and blowing kisses to every character. We danced and sang along and it was this perfect little moment of bliss that we'll fondly remember being filled with so much happiness. Squee! It makes me all warm and fuzzy just thinking about it. And the pictures are all heavy flash photos that are not framed appropriately because I was snapping them without looking, but they are some of my favorite from the trip. So many smiling faces!

After the parade we all headed over to Pirate's and shared one boat with all 20 of us, and then split into groups for Indiana Jones (I didn't go... too shaky for my pregnant self) and kid watching.

The best part was watching EZ meet characters. He saw Goofy and ran up to him with the biggest grin and said "Hi GOOFY!!" It was so awesome. And then he obsessed over the birthday cake in Minnie's oven before walking outside a little star struck to see Minnie Mouse in the flesh. He ran over to her and stopped right before running into her to stick out his shirt and show her his Mickey Mouse shirt. It was the sweetest. And big hugs for all! Not even an ounce of fear, just excitement. And then when we finally got to Mickey, EZ ran ahead of the whole family into the room yelling "Hi MICKEY!" and basically stared at him and giggled the whole time we were in the room. It was a teary moment for his parents.

EZ was waving at Tinkerbell and was enamored with her. He loves Tink. Also, let's not forget to mention Matt's face. I'm pretty sure this would be considered his "magic face." He loves the magic like no one else I know... thanks for sharing it with us, Matticus.

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