Thursday, October 31, 2013

monster jello

EZ Red at 2 years + 3 months.
He says carshmellow instead of marshmellow.
And stroppleberry instead of strawberry.
He says "oh my GOSH" a lot.
And he always tells us "don't go super fast!" while driving.
He uses the toilet 85% of the time for number 2.
He's very good at puzzles. "I play puzzles? Aqui?"
He calls everyone his friend. "Play with my friends?"
His friend at school is named Sophia and he calls her Gophia.
(because he gets her confused with Goofy? or something.)
He's still a great sleeper and usually goes to bed easily.
He sings a lot and sometimes gets the words right.
He's getting glasses next week for near-sightedness and the wander.
His tantrums are serious, but thankfully not often.
He is actually quite reasonable as long as he's not super tired.
He mostly likes school but gets tired of going every day.
He plays "I love YOU more" games with Matt and it's cute.
He doesn't like when Matt and I talk to each other while we're driving.
He likes it when we make up songs about anything he asks about.
We like him.



  2. stroppleberries?! you're killin me.
    and glasses?! oh! my heart! i love glasses on small people. can't wait to see him.
    he's the best.

  3. That carshmellow instagram was probably one of my favorites ever. And so is this post. Thank you for your blogging because I LOVE it even if I comment like never.