Sunday, October 13, 2013

mickey's hallowen party

Tuesday: Mickey's Halloween party started at 6 pm, but we could enter anytime after 3pm with our special party passes, so some people went to the beach that morning and other people (like us) took it easy and roamed a bit and then took long naps. Mother DaNell handmade ALL of our costumes because she's amazing and also a little kooky... but our Dalmatian Plantation was a huge success so her kookiness paid off! The security lead over Tomorrow Land liked our group costume so much that he saved us VIP Seating for the Halloween firework show (it was roped off and very official) and so many strangers took pictures of us & complimented us all night. DaNell doesn't take short-cuts when she's making costumes and all of the details did not go unnoticed. We went trick-or-treating and met characters and a few villains and came home with so much candy (I'm still on a sugar high!) Disneyland really is extra special at Halloween time. And all of our little puppies were so fuh-reaking cute. EZ still talks about how "mama and EZ had black noses!" and we just have the best memories. Way to go, family. That was cool of us.

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