Monday, October 21, 2013


We found out that our baby is healthy and strong and awesome, and also he's a freakin' boy and it's SO GREAT. The ultra sound was amazing and we didn't see much of his specific features because he was literally moving around like a crazy person for the tech, but he did show us his undercarriage and it's manly indeed ;)

I have not hid the fact that I've wanted another boy since we found out we were expecting, so it was a huge thrill to actually have it come to fruition. Of course a healthy baby is the #1 desire of every parent's heart, and we are overwhelmed with gratitude at seeing his perfect little body on the screen... but I can't hide the fact that we are so stoked to have a HIM on the way. Brothers! Matt is super close to his brothers and I think it's really great that just maybe EZ and his hermanito might have the same future. Boom.

But let's talk about what happened right before our ultrasound appointment because it's just so... funny? And typical? And also just shows how life has been doling out highs and lows so drastically lately that it's causing me to question if a middle ground exists anymore (especially in a 2 year old! Oy oy oy.)

Matt and I had a plan for the day as our appointment wasn't until the afternoon and we were both working during the morning. EZ went to school per usual, but I picked him up before nap time since our appointment would have gone too long for him to be at the daycare the whole time. My job for the day was to exercise, make breakfast, work, pick up EZ & take him to my sister's house where he would go down for a nap, then meet Matt at the Dr's. Matt had the responsibility to take EZ to school, go to work, grab lunch for both of us, and then meet up at the Dr's. Planning has saved some of our sanity these last few months, so we try really hard to make sure our day/week/month is planned and we both know what to expect. 

So the plan was in motion. I had a long morning of interviews at work but was right on schedule to be on time. EZ took some convincing to take a nap, but did eventually quiet down (and ended up sleeping like 3 full hours!) I happily left my sister's with time to pick up our boy/girl candy bars before heading to the Dr's. During this time, Matt had appropriately planned his time and even picked out this new sandwich place to grab lunch for us. All was going to THE PLAN.

Then... Matt couldn't find the sandwich shop. And since he was on the verge of being late and wasn't sure what to grab us, he called me to ask me what I wanted. THIS WASN'T IN THE PLAN. I was trying not to be nervous about our appointment, but really I always get nervous when it comes to the health of our baby. And all of a sudden having to think about something else sent me over the edge. I just lost it! I was sobbing so hard I almost had to pull the car over. Matt felt terrible and had no idea that asking me what I wanted to eat was going to result in an epic meltdown.... but it really did. 

As soon as we saw each other we started laughing hysterically. WHAT in the world kind of reaction was that? It was like my nervous energy needed to be released so we could actually feel relaxed for our appointment and HOW DARE HE ASK ME WHAT I WANTED TO EAT? What kind of husband does that?


Anyway. It was something I want to remember because it felt a little bit like a crazytown low before a really great high. Like the universe needed to balance out all of the happy we were about to feel or something like that. 

And now EZ says "baby brudder" and it's like freakin' cute (and also mean stuff like "I hit baby? I stand on baby?" because he's also a punk.)

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  1. Bahahaha that story is even better the second time around. Being asked what I want to eat is literally in the top five of my anxiety causes. Pregnancy is weird. And your family is the cutest.