Saturday, October 12, 2013

driving & beachin'

Our great California Disneyland Trip, first couple of days.

Friday: Matt and I headed to St. George after work since we drove (everyone else flew.) We told EZ stories (little Mermaid) with songs included, and he fell asleep half way down.

Saturday: We made the rest of the drive to California with one huge meltdown from a very tired and cranky EZ. It felt like we broke his brain because he's never behaved that way before (but has since... oy.) The drive went fast and we had plenty of time to play before bedtime. We stayed right across the street from Disneyland (behind the tower of terror, to be specific) and our faces were so giddy when we turned onto Harbor Drive and saw the entrance to the magic. Oh boy!

Sunday: Beach day for some family, Disney for some. We stopped by the LA Temple visitor center before we headed to Santa Monica beach. This was EZ's first experience at the beach and was stoked about it until the waves actually touched him... then he was like NO FREAKING WAY. He stayed in the sand and avoided water at all cost for the rest of the day. Matt & Mark swam for like 2 hours and I mostly played photographer and chatted. All the kids & adults got a long swimmingly and it felt very relaxing. We headed back to the hotel and my madre (who was sharing our hotel room for a few nights and also is very serious about her charm bracelets) volunteered to put EZ to bed so Matt and I could sneak over to Disneyland to watch Fantasmic! since ya know... we get in for free since Matt WORKS FOR DISNEY. I'm so annoying by how much I say that, but seriously... it's so new and awesome that we have to keep saying it out loud so we know it's still true.

I have a really great (magical! emotional! exciting!) story about Sunday night, but I'm going to put it in a different post. It's a night we won't forget anytime soon, that's fo sho.

It's fun to be together as a family, but one definite highlight was to have Cassie, Mark, and baby Porter with us since they normally live in Kansas (and the rest of us live in Utah.) And yes, EZ wore a hat most of this trip because that kid is WHITE. And I was not allowing sunburn on the first day of the trip (although Matt didn't listen to me and turned all pink anyway.)


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