Wednesday, September 18, 2013


what's up party people!

is this thing on?

after i wrote those last two blog posts i totally threw up heavy duty, and so i stayed away from any type of computer social media because i was a gaggy mess. but! i'm only a gaggy spill these days, so since it's morning time (and i always feel better in the morning) and because i happen to have jogged a mile and a half and am feeling a little on top of the world today, i decided what the hell! i'm going for it! 

and because i lit-rally have the worst memory, i'm afraid that if i don't write my brain thoughts down then they'll go into the void where it's rare they're retrieved.

look! it's me! right now! i'm at work and i just took this picture and if you see me in like 5 hours i'll still be wearing this same outfit! that's how fresh this post is! i love using exclamations! woo! party! thumbs up!

but really.

like a month ago (actually, exactly a month ago) i started working every day and upped my hours to 30+/week instead of my part-time 3 days at 15 hrs/week. with bebe numero dos on his or her way, we thought it'd be best to try to knock off some of our debt & actually save up money for all the medical bills etc etc that come with the blessing of another child. so... here i am. it was an anxiety ridden adjustment that left our house emotional and cranky and exhausted for like 2 weeks... and then suddenly it was fine. we had a new schedule and although the house is messier and the laundry is done less frequently, everyone is happy and thriving and actually less stressed. i mean, we miss our old schedule... but knowing this is only temporary until i get all swollen with child helps make the new routine okay. 

when we decided that i'd start working more, matt and i made the decision to send ez to a daycare (instead of the WONDERFUL family & friends who've generously helped us over the past 2 years.THANK YOU PEOPLE.) i visited a few and i investigated some options, and in the end we decided on a spanish immersion play-school/daycare that was 100% in espanol. ez didn't like it for two full weeks and matt and i were stress balls trying to decide if it was the change in routine or the place we had picked... there were a lot of tears those 2 weeks for everyone (except matt... he never cries even when i want him to.) but! during the third week he stopped crying when we dropped him off. and then slowly he started to say "i go school?" and "my school" and "amigos" and we slowly started to believe it could actually work. and by the 4th week he knew daddy dropped him off, mama picked him up, he had friends and knew their names, and he still got to take a 2 hour nap to boot! (they sleep on little floor mats and it's actually really cute to see all of these little kids fall asleep in the same room.) he's picked up some spanish vocab already and really enjoys the classes/activities that the teachers do every day. we had always planned on a spanish pre-school when he turned 3, but i guess we'll just start his bi-lingual life earlier. also, it's made matt and i speak spanish more often which is great because we are rus-tee. 

and even after all that info, i'm still not even to the best part of the last month... matt's job! matt was hired as a contracted employee of avalanche studio for Disney last december (see post here) and has been working his tail off all year. his contract originally ended in june, but they extended it until august. he had been doing really great work for them and felt confident that he could potentially be hired on full time... but we just waited as the months rolled by without any specific news if he'd have a job come september. oh heavens, there was so much anxiety in august it almost makes me have a panic attack just thinking about it (because i think i actually had my first real attack last month when so much change was happening.) when matt called me to tell me an official offer was coming we broke down. then he actually got the official offer to be a full time character artist for Disney Interactive... and oh! what a happy day! fist bumps and dancing and probably even some arsenio arms! i should dedicate a whole freaking post to his road to get here because he's amazing and hardworking and so talented and i just like that guy. 

so yeah. september started off with a bang. also, being in the first trimester for most of that didn't help... because mama was sick and everyone suffered. but! just like it always does, time kept going and now it's more than half way into september and we feel good. just look at my face! good! great! thumbs ups!

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