Tuesday, August 27, 2013

i think i wanna have your baby (again)

Baby! Coming end of February 2014! Or maybe early February if this next child is early like EZ... or maybe early March if he or she is a late comer. Either way, we are freakin' stoked to be doing this all over again. And this is old news because basically instagram or real life has known about this for ages compared to the dark ages of blogging. And partly because I'm pregnant and weeks 7-11 were rough physically and mentally, and also partly because it was summer and so hot outside, and partly because I just didn't feel up to it, I haven't written down a single thing since EZ's birthday.

I almost feel ready to get back to this thang because life is crazy and if I don't, I won't remember much of it because I'm the worst like that. But then I think about sitting at a computer and I start getting all gaggy and I'm just not convinced.

But yes, a baby! It's lucky timing and we're feeling overwhelming thankful to be doing this all over again. It's really a miracle and I'm thankful every day.

I've been somewhat sick and EZ has taken to saying "mommy sick? fro-up?" because I gag so much (and occassionally fro-up as well.) But he also lifts up his shirt and says "baby belly!" so excitedly already that what's a little fro-up compared to the happiness of a sibling?

So there we have it. We love you little baby nugget and I'm hoping you're a boy because I'd like brothers. However, Matt thinks you're a girl and I think that'd be pretty swell, too. EZ would like a "brudder" and thinks you're a girl, so he's not solid either way it seems. He also might be slightly confused what brother or sister actually means, but we'll clear that up in the next 6 months.

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  1. Congrats Carla!! So exciting. When did we grow up and have kids (plural). Weird. Hope you are feeling better soon!