Tuesday, August 27, 2013

a two year old super boy

Matt drew this picture of EZ on his birthday this year (without realizing he was creating a tradition), and as soon as EZ saw it he said "I super boy!" It's a month later and he still says it all the time so we're pretty sure he likes it. I need to get it printed out big to hang in his room. He's lucky to have a daddy who's so flippin' talented. 

We spent almost the whole day together as a family doing all sorts of things that EZ loves (nonuts and swimming and chicken nuggets!), and then his aunt Emily took this picture of us right before we had a small party for him that night and I love it so much I almost start crying when I look at it. Life lately has been stressful and full of hiccups and anxiety, and then being pregnant I have felt so worn down and very un-like my energetic self... but this picture. This picture shows us how I see us from my heart, not necessarily my eyes. We are so happy to be a family and to be together. I think we all look handsome and beautiful and sincere, and aren't we lucky we get to have moments align so perfectly amidst an un-perfect life? Life is messy because it's supposed to be, but it's really nice to have this picture as a reminder that occasionally it's absolutely harmonious. I just have so much love for these two and I feel it back from them and it's a really magnificent thing. 

And then we celebrated hard with family and some friends and EZ was spoiled rotten (and acted rotten by the end of it! Mine mine mine!)

He is so lucky to be surrounded by people (heck, we all are) and I thank everyone for the gifts. This kid got hooked up! Also, please take note how he shows he's two... he can't make the peace sign and we think his way of doing it is amazing.

We also did a pre-party the eve of his birthday for my-side family dinner, and Matt and I are REALLY proud of our cake. And EZ loves it so much he asks to see pictures of it all the time, so yea... it was a hit. (and this first picture is on his birthday post, but i thought it was worth another go round.)
Oh, EZ Red. You are loved ya little punk. 

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  1. That drawing is AH-Mazing! If only he really had that head full of hair! Way to go Matt, and it probably only took you like 10 min...