Monday, July 29, 2013


EZ Red is the main event!
Let's plaster the sky or carve wet cement.
Our big boy is two and we're gonna party
Let's bring on the cheese, even stinky havarti.
Three weeks early with a very round head,
you entered our hearts and our minds and our bed.
You snugg'd right up to your papa and mama,
and were squishy and soft like a baby llama.
A peachy soft head, blonde hair and blue eyes,
and at only 6.10 - the perfect size.
Adored by grands and uncles and aunts,
you barely fit into a wee pair of pants.
And then you grew, and you grew and you grew,
and the moments were fleeting, we only had few.
6 months, then a year, and now one more as well,
It happened so quickly, we just barely fell.
You talk all the time, new words every day,
you've even let sentences come out to play.
You have the sweetest freckles and a big buddha belly,
and err'day you ask for a show on the telly.
Thomas? Mickey? maybe Shaun the sheep?
or sometimes just skate tricks where you don't make a peep.
You're saucy and spicy and mostly just sweet,
some pa-corn, mama? or maybe a treat?
You love helmets and bikes and your Guido dog,
you now have a toddler bed and sleep like a log.
You nap every day with great affinity,
but only if you have your holy trinity...
( elephant.binkie.)
We love you as big as the sky and the sea,
not even a hashtag could contain what we see.
You're our buddy, our pal, our little lover boy,
our comic, our sleazy, our very biggest joy.
But before I continue and release too many tears,
I'll end this right now with HAPPY TWO YEARS!!


  1. I like him. Happy Birthday SleazyEZ!

  2. i'm just here again for the third time this week to see a new baby post :) haha