Monday, July 1, 2013

selfie v2.0

I think his duck face is getting better? Not quite myspace appropriate yet, but we're getting there. I just love that he's my pal.

THANKS for everyone's well wishes in person and via interwebs about my ring. It's good to be reunited. So much sparkle to acquaint myself with again.

I've been eating so much BBQ sauce lately that my hands permanently smell like it. We're prepping for the 4th and have bratwursts and fireworks and movies on the brain. Speaking of movies, we took EZ to see Monster's University and it was AMAZING. He ate popcorn and yelled "Suwy!" at the screen and then fell asleep half way through cuddled in my arms. It was the sweetest. But that movie... oh my word it was funny. The dance floor scene was impeccable! (Please let Matt stay please let Matt stay please let Matt stay at this magical company. We won't know much more until August if they keep his contract or offer him FT, so let's all put our collective prayers into action.)

July is here! That means the busiest month of summer is behind us and now we can chillax. It also means in 29 days we'll celebrate EZ's birthday and he'll be this huge awesome 2 year old (even if he's mad with the terrible two's on occasion already!) I have buckets of laundry to catch up on since our laundry room lights were out and I don't do anything in the dark (I don't trust what could be crawling around.) Matt fixed the lights this weekend, but only after we did the "inside out" undies for a day or two and we couldn't take it anymore. Ha... sometimes it surprises me how we're still gross even now that we're "adults." Matt also fished around the drains and pulled out the nasty hair build-up and it reminded me how much gross stuff he has to do from living with me and I like him so much for it. He also took out the fruit-fly filled bag of potatoes and co-parented through a massive blow-out yesterday. Teamwork!

We went on a drive through the mountains last night and it was a perfect summer evening in Utah. Pretty lakes, pretty mountains, pretty views, pretty sunset. Pretty everything. I think I've got rose colored glasses on for July and I can't wait to get started.

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  1. monsters university! how they made little mike look so freakin adorable is beyond me... he's a cartoon monster and i'm gushing over the cuteness. your busy month ends, mine is beginning now and won't end until august (maybe even September). i feel tired just thinking about it.