Monday, July 22, 2013

mickey mountain

No, this isn't a post about Disneyland. (That's coming in October and we CAN'T FREAKING WAIT.) But there is a Mickey Mouse mine on the side of the mountain at Silver Lake, and we went up there and showed it to EZ a few weeks ago and he can't stop talking about it. Whenever we are driving up close to the mountains he just yells "MickMou Mountain!" because he remembers it and his excitement lives on. Also, have you seen the new Mickey Mouse short videos? We've watched them all a few times and think they're great. EZ is especially fond of the Train and the Hot Dog one.

We've had some really beautiful Saturday family days lately, and the trip up to Silver Lake @ Brighton was no exception. EZ is getting so big (almost 35 inches tall and heavier every time I pick him up) and we can't even keep up with his vocabulary. We have full conversations with specific details all day long and he is very good at explaining exactly what he wants (No talk! More train song! Sit down! No song mommy!... etc etc.) He literally yelled "QUIET!" at us one day in the car when Matt and I were talking and his usual "No talk" didn't work. It was so hilarious we actually did stop talking (so the punk won.) Probably one of my favorite things he says is "tink you" whenever I give him something (he's turning out quite polite) and then on the other hand it's really awesome when he just yells random gibberish as he runs around the house. "GUESS WHAAAAAAT" is a favorite as well as "NA NA NA C'MON!"

This summer is hot and as much as I keep needing to sit down and sort pictures and type words, it's too hot. Even in my freezing cold air conditioned basement just the idea of sitting at the computer feels too hot. We have big ideas and big possibilities occupying our minds, as well as an upcoming 2 year old's birthday (in one week!) where we for sure will have a "Red Bike. Cake. Helmet" because it's been on the lips for a few weeks now and we are nothing if not accommodating. Party party.

If you look closely, you can see the Mickey Mouse mine on the mountain in the first picture.

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  1. oh that ez boy. does he sing it like Selena?! it blows my mind how fast kids grow up and how they pick up on so many things. you two are doing a great job with that kid of yours. a great job indeed.