Monday, July 1, 2013

a surprise for c-mama

Matt's mother (Carole or c-mama or grandma Bibi) has a milestone birthday coming up this December (the big 6-0!) but because it falls around the holidays, sometimes her celebrations get over-rided by Christmas parties and a big man in a red suit. So we jumped the gun and threw her a 59.5 half-birthday party instead... and we went ahead and surprised her while we were at it!

We duped her into a blindfold by telling her we were "filming" for a manor massacre film and she acted her heart out all the way to the pavilion (give that woman an Oscar!) Her kids and husband said some nice things about her and we ate delicious food with great company all night. The decorations even stayed up in the hundred degree heat! Happy 59.5 Carole! We hope you felt celebrated!

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