Tuesday, June 25, 2013

sweet is the work

Girl's Camp 2013: Sweet is the Work when we Walk in His Way. 
Song: Come to His Pathway by Jenny Phillips
Candy Land -type Theme with emphasis on Christ-like characteristics & service.

Phew! Camp is ov-ah! It was spectacular and freezing and wonderful and tiring and mostly it was fun. That sweet lady standing next to me in the bottom photo is the Camp Director, Lisa, and being her assistant was a dream. We worked hand in hand with the other stake leaders as well as each ward leader to have a very successful week with our girls.  There were about 115 girls, and then you add leaders in and we had around 165 people over 4 days (3 nights.) It was cold up there this year, but that meant there were zero mosquitos (always a trade off) but as you can see, we had to layer-up every single day. Each of the 8 wards were assigned a "candy girl" and the stake put on a skit wherein we ladies dressed up like the Candy Girls and the men sang a heart wrenching rendition of "The Candy Man" (of course we tweaked the words to more appropriately fit our theme.) It was quite a sight to see...

A quick run down of activities:
Tuesday: the Stake arrived to set up, decorate, and get the last few things ready.
Wednesday: Arrival of our girls, sent the 4th years off on their over night hike, Stake dinner, made arrow bracelets & helped in a service project cutting out tiny diapers for the Teeny Tears organization, flag ceremony, ward time & sleep.
Thursday: Flag then hikes, lunch, welcome the 4th Years back, First Aid Clinic (complete with moulage make-up!),  ward time & dinner, Stake skit & devotional. For the devotional we put together a blind-folded walk through the woods holding onto a rope (or iron rod) and had leaders helping them through the course. Twice on the path they encountered "satan" and if they left the rope, had an opportunity to repent & try again. It took a long time (the whole stake stayed up well past midnight that night), but it was really successful. The girls all seemed to love it and their leaders only had good things to say as well. The whole stake gathered around a campfire and we ended the night with a star-light devotional and prayer. The moon reflects the sun, just as we should reflect the Son.
Friday: Sunrise hike, late breakfast, then we headed off to the chapel in the woods for a Testimony meeting (which was amazing and emotional.) Lunch with the wards was next, then a Candy Carnival where we rotated with a variety of games including ski-walking and balloon races. It ended with a dance party to One Direction and T Swift (I wonder who was in charge of that...) We welcomed the Bishop's up to camp that evening and did a little bit of spot-lighting and game playing with them. We had one more flag & devotional, and sent them off to their wards to have another testimony meeting while we stake leaders collapsed into our camp chairs!
Saturday: packing up, cleaning up, singing our camp song one more time (Come to His Pathway) and then we made the dusty drive home.

Being in the Stake instead of a ward is a different type of experience. More bonding with leaders than girls, and there is sort of an underground boy's club with the menfolk up there... but boy howdy is it fun. And it didn't hurt that Matt was up there with me the whole time.

It took a lot of work from a lot of people, but the way Girl's Camp affects the lives of each and every Young Woman is amazing. I remember going as a youth, and am so stoked to have the opportunity to go again as a leader. God is real, sisterhood is strong, and the mountains are the perfect place for the intersection of faith and fun. We're already thinking about next year! (and I'm already feeling tired from it... ha.)


  1. carrrrrla. this camp sounds amazing. i don't know how you did it as an assistant camp director. you're basically super woman in my book. i finally understand that snap about pink still being in your hair. our camp was cold too, but we had mosquitoes. you win.
    your whole camp sounds like a blast. GIRLS CAMP IS THE BEST.

  2. i never thought i'd say this, but i miss girls camp. i hated it then, but i think i'd like it now. also that ninth picture down is perfect. we live in such a beautiful world. and girls camp seems to give beauty in abundance, spiritual and natural beauty.

    cold > mosquitos any day. plus the heat at girls camp is awful, so i think the cold wins all around. at first when i read "stake dinner" i thought of "steak dinner" and about died thinking you guys grilled steak for girls camp. teeny tears!!! i've made diapers for them too! such a humbling service project, makes you so sad to think about the babies & families those diapers will be going to.

    can i pose as a yw and come to camp with you next time? everything sounded perfect.