Thursday, June 13, 2013

oh oh oh my heart

Matt daddy taught him the cutest thing a while back and I finally caught a picture of him doing it. He clutches his chest and says "Oh oh oh my heart" but it sounds more like "Oh Oh Oh Myeee Haaaaart" when EZ says it. Then he and Matt go back and forth clutching their chests and saying "my heart" until we all explode into an explosion of cute.

He's also refusing to sit down in the carts on our errands lately and it's wrecking this mother's nerves. Somebody get that child a lap buckle, stat.

Also, some patches as of late. Mama and Daddy drawn by the opposite. What special memories we'll have with all these absurd patches. Good thing he has such artistically talented parents! (wah wah)

Plus train rides and sunglasses and a Saturday spent as a family. So EZ hits his head lit-rally every single day. Bruises or scratches or scars all over the place and there is no way of stopping it. I want to make him wear a helmet because the next time I hear the precious baby head crack on concrete I might just break down in tears. How in the world does anyone make it to adulthood?? 

Oh oh oh my heart. 

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