Monday, June 17, 2013

camp camp camp

We've reached the week of Girl's Camp! We finally get to see the Candyland Girls Camp in action and I am SO EXCITED. I bet everyone in my life is also excited that it's here so I can stop talking about it... because that's pretty much where my brain has been for months now. But the boxes are packed and the matching shirts have been printed and tomorrow my husband and I will go on a romantic five day get-a-way to the mountains (with about 160 girls & 18 other Stake leaders... give or take.) I'm not sure Matt and I have spent this much time away from technology and the regular world since Spain (which sadly has already been 3 years but still makes me giddy when I look at the pictures.) EZ will be tucked away with doting grandparents (whom we LOVE and APPRECIATE greatly) and we have a brother house sitting to watch the G dog as well as scare away any unwanted guests.

Check. Check. Check.

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  1. i cannot wait for the post-camp blog posts!