Thursday, June 27, 2013

better than the actual engagement!

Okay, let's set the stage. It's June of 2011 and I'm super pregnant and swollen, and my wedding ring doesn't really fit well so I often take it off. I usually keep it in the bathroom, but it was nighttime and I probably put it on my nightstand or something. The next night as I'm heading to bed, it's no where to be found. I can't actually remember where I left it (pregnant brain), but we can't find it. We move furniture, we clean our vents, we check every single piece of Guido's poop for the next 3 months (in case ya know... he swallowed it), we scan our entire house and our yard by hand. And still... no ring. I even mentioned it in a post with the hopes that community prayers would help. Matt and I prayed and fasted over it multiple times, and eventually I just sort of stopped thinking about it. I loved it so much (another picture of it here) and felt sort of vain feeling so sad... but ya know, it's a wedding ring. MY wedding ring. It was pretty devastating. 

Fast forward 2 years (almost to the day) and we decide it's time to gut our yard and start over. We cut sod and hauled loads of dead grass to a dumpster for hours on the day before Father's Day. We had some family over helping and around lunch time I left to go pick up some pizza. Not 30 seconds after I left, our cousin Brock (the hero in the purple shirt) was kicking some dirt around by his feet when he saw something shiny and picked it up. He yelled for Matt and chaos erupted. HE FREAKING FOUND MY RING!!!!!! And I wasn't even there to know about it!!!! So everyone had a nice huge celebration and then Matt hid it from me for almost 2 weeks while he got it cleaned & buffed. Besides one scratch and also being super dirty, it was perfectly fine! After TWO years outside! I just can't believe it. 

So Matt keeps this huge secret from me while we're away at camp & 2 full weekends so he can plan this nice date night. I just think he's being super sweet (and sort of making up for a botched date from a few weeks back), and we go to dinner while EZ is with a sitter. When we come back to the house I notice the sitter isn't there anymore, and then I walk in and see candles and flowers and this whole romantic scene in front of me. Here's a very shaky video (Matt was nervous and so shaky! Classic Matt move.)

                                            we found my ring!! from Carla Thorup on Vimeo.

I literally didn't even guess what was in the box until the moment my face lights up. I had pushed it so far out of my mind I didn't even consider it a possibility. I say "were you naughty?" in the video because I thought he'd gone out and spent money and I was going to scold him for it... BUT HOLY FREAKING CRAP IT WAS MY RING!!! I pretty much fluctuated between crying and yell-talking the rest of the night in a squeaky falcetto voice because I JUST COULDN'T BELIEVE IT. I.JUST.CAN'T.BELIEVE.IT.EVEN.STILL.HOLY.FREAKING.MOLY.

So yeah... That was awesome. Better than our actual engagement those 6.5 years ago because this was so utterly unexpected. And what a tender mercy! We would have been just fine never finding it (I mean, it's just an object. We're still married and in love even if I lost the bling), but I really feel like it was an answer to our prayers that it wasn't just scooped up in the dirt and thrown away.

Also, what we think happened is that (our stupid stupid dog) Guido got ahold of it somehow and took it outside and then just dropped it near this railroad tie/gravel area and it has been buried ever since. It didn't have enough "signs" that it had been through his system (ya know), but he was just a little punk thief for no freaking reason. My anger about it has subsided in the sheer joy of finding it, but heaven help me... that dog! He must be in our family to teach me something from all the lessons I'm learning from being a dog owner. (Never again, mark my words.)


Good job, Matthew! (and Brock!!)


  1. SHUT UP. This is the best story ever. I've always loved that ring. So glad that miracles happen. :)

  2. uhhh...i watched that video twice and had to stop before round three before i started crying. this is the sweetest thing. i can't believe he kept it a secret for so long!!!! that boy!!! having to propose all over again! it's so pretty. so so pretty. look at that shine!!!!!
    i'm going to have to have a talk with guido. that kid...

  3. What a happy story! The happiest!

    PS. John just lost his wedding ring three weeks ago. His most favorite "eagle man's ring". Maybe it'll show up in two years? Either way I'm heading out to the back yard right now.

  4. Your ring is lovely! What an amazing story!
    So good that you find it

  5. Best. Thing. Ever. I love this video so much!!! Tears.

  6. I lost a ring when I was pregnant in the summer too. But mine was never found. ;(
    But your video is fantastic... Seriously.