Tuesday, May 14, 2013

these guys

We have a very scheduled week and are crashing into the sheets exhausted (and usually too late) every night. Busy busy, but good. Matt's been doing crossfit and it's kicking his butt (but he likes it, of course.) He's still working 45-50 hour weeks, rides the train to and from work, and eats expensive french pastries at least once a week.  EZ loves his hat, eating candy (dandy), and being outside. We went swimming today and he is very excited for summah summah summah time. He still has to wear a patch an hour a day and they think he has "Duane Syndrome" which basically means some of his nerves are backwards and his eyes might always wander. But, he's not blind! So we'll take some wander if that's his only issue. I spoke at a Relief Society Enrichment tonight and will share soon because I'm pretty happy about how it turned out, did so much laundry today I want to puke, and have a big Girl's Camp meeting this Friday that should last well into the night time party hours. Oh, and we're feeding the sister missionaries on Thursday and need to return some library books.


  1. anyone who does crossfit immediately jumps 50 points in amazingness/coolness in my book. i would die 2 seconds in, and that's a fact. ps. i saw bradley last weekend and we definitely agreed that you are the coolest person we both know.

    1. oh b to the radley... what a kook. but thanks for talking kind things about me! my nose was probably tingling!