Thursday, May 9, 2013

if you give a boy an idea...

if you give a boy an idea about swimming, he'll probably want to act on it.
if he acts on it, he'll be asking you for his floaties.
if you put his floatie device on, he'll probably ask you to go to the pool.
if he's asking to go to the pool, it'll probably turn into crying when you say no.
if you ask him to help with the dishes, he'll probably stop crying.
if he helps with the dishes, he'll want to wear an apron like you.
if he wears an apron, he probably won't be very careful with the water.
if he realizes how fun it is to dump the water on the ground, he'll get soaking wet.
if he gets soaking wet, you'll probably take off all his clothes.
if you take off all his clothes, then he'll probably ask to get in the sink.
if he gets in the sink, he'll probably play for an hour.
if he plays for an hour, you'll probably get some of the dishes loaded.
if you get the dishes loaded, he'll have more room to dump the water.
if he dumps the water on the ground, he'll probably laugh.
if he's laughing, he'll probably keep dumping water on the ground.
if he keeps dumping water, you'll probably take him out of the sink.
if you take him out of the sink, you'll probably put clothes on him.
if he has clothes on, you'll want to clean up the floor.
if you start mopping, you'll probably use a towel.
if the boy sees the towel, he'll probably want to use it.
if he starts using a towel, he'll remember his floatie device.
and chances are if he wants to put his floatie back on...
he'll probably remember the idea to go swimming!

                          and then we mopped from Carla Thorup on Vimeo.

(i took eerily similar sink bath pictures last year when he was a smaller, chubbier nugget.)

oh ezekiel red, you are so great.

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  1. I am a looong time lurker and lover of your blog! I really enjoy the adventures of your sweet boy and thoroughly loved and laughed at this post!