Friday, May 3, 2013

he still tucks that bottom lip in

april 2012 // april 2013

oh ez!

what a contemplative little boy.

it's fun looking at old pictures of him because i remember that sweet baby, but it's so different from the little man in front of me today. but not all different... as you can see by the bottom lip sucked right in. he still does that and we still like it.

lately he's way into singing. he sings and rambles whenever we're in the car and barely stops to yell "bus!" or "hactor" or "bike!" when he spots one. he says "row row row" and requests it over and over. he counts by saying "two one twoooo six nine NINE!" and really believes he did it correctly. that kid is committed, if nothing else. if you ask him his name he'll say "josh" (it's his uncle) but if you ask him who are you? he'll answer "seazy." he calls me mama in regular talk but it's just "mom" when he's serious about something.  he says "daddy" just like he pronounces "candy", and whenever you ask him where daddy is he'll say "choo choo" because matt's been taking the train to work. if you say we're going to visit grandpa he'll say "bibi? emmy? josh? jake?" which are other family members he hopes to see at the same time. it's weird how he can connect people and things together. he makes the best surprise/excited face and has a weird love for helmets. he asks for a "treat" or a "tookie" every day because apparently we eat them often. he surprises us with what he remembers and his vocabulary seems limitless. and he picks up on everything we do and copies us, which is so strange and awesome. that kid. we just like him so much.

oh, and his freckles might just be the most adorable part about him. they are just so perfect.

i hope i'm fulfilling the promises i made him last year when i took that first photo.  

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  1. he's just the cutest thing. and i love his little crown and that lip tuck. i just think you guys are doing great and you're cool parents with a cool baby and i just like all of you.