Monday, May 6, 2013

cinco de mayo x 3!

Our love for Mexican everything really showed itself this weekend as we celebrated 3 full days for Cinco de Mayo. We ingested so much delicious food that we may never fully recover. Tacos and tamales and burritos with plates of chips and salsa... fruity paletas and churro cupcakes and fried ice cream cake.... hijole. My stomach yearns for it and also hurts thinking about eating it again. Kacey and Jordan hosted the friend night, City Creek hosted the downtown night, and we ended Sunday evening at Datus and Cheryl's casa with a piñata and a blissed-out EZ. I'm not sure how we'll ever top this weekend for him.

We're super lucky to have so much family living close by, especially people that will fly EZ around the yard over and over again, or hold him even when he's sticky with popsicle/taffy juices. (Oh jazzy jazzy and brocker... we love you guys so hard.)

Que Bueno. And maybe next year I'll give ya'll more info about our beloved Señor Cinco... who leaves jumping bean presents and confetti trails! Here's a little poem I recorded last year for Matt that includes a terrible accent, my fleshy nursing face, and plenty 'o Spanglish. Oy Oy. Until next year... Olé!

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  1. jajaja, Carlita, tu eres pura mexicana. "hijole!" jajaja.