Tuesday, May 21, 2013

choo choo!

A few weekends ago Matt and I took EZ to visit downtown SLC. We made a night out of wandering City Creek, Temple Square, and riding the Train. I am not sure EZ has ever lived a better day because he was in HEAVEN. Choo-choo train heaven, I say! He squealed when he saw the train coming, became real serious when it actually approached, immediately started to cry out of over-excitement and fear when we moved forward to board, had big eyes & kept saying "sit down!" and "choo choo!" while we were riding, and re-lived the experience long after we got off. Combine that with water fountains, a trip to the Disney store, flowers and a "tempo," and we're surprised he didn't combust into a million happy particles. I declare an epic family date.

^ that right there is classic wonky eye ;)
^indoctrinating the magic with his father
^ he kept pointing up and yelling "tempo!" and waved at every passing train
^ but really... so stoked.

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