Tuesday, April 9, 2013

why i sort of hate the internet and social media

I posted a few days back all about my love for the internet, but per usual there is always an opposite. So how about some of the reasons it sucks.

Why I sort of hate the Internet and Social Media
1. It breeds narcissism. Thinking about oneself all the time is not a great way to live.
2. It breeds jealousy (and all the ugly green that comes with it.)
3. Porn. And the rest of the shady things that exist. Such vile content that infects our beautiful spirits too easily.
4. Half truths & half lies. Everything can be downright vague. And guised in prettiness as to make it appear much shinier than reality.
5. It can make you feel insignificant. A measly fish in a ginormous ocean of "better."
6. It's addicting. I did an experiment with Instagram by just moving the placement of the app off my home page and I opened the "replacement app" 7 times by automatically reaching for Insta. SEVEN. That's a problem.
7. It removes you from real life far too often. Ever hung out in a group of people and everyone is on their phone? Yeah... it happens (too much.)
8. It's making us all dumber. Don't visit YouTube comment sections. EVER.
9. People write mean comments and even meaner comments when they hide behind anonymity. Full battles are waged thru facebook and comment sections. It's terrible.

And now that I've written it out, this is a depressing post. Maybe at least being aware of the negative stuff will hopefully make us all focus on the good stuff? Let's just scroll down to the previous post and remember all the stuff we love and just try to avoid all of the stuff above.

Unless of course you have any more reasons to hate the internet. Then that's totes fine and you can comment below. Although I might add a #10 by saying "Made up words like 'totes' and 'selfies' become normal and we can't stop using them." Because I really can't stop myself even when I'd like to stop. Oy. Now how about some narcissism to end? (but only after I've edited out all my zits.)


  1. I love you. Amen amen to all of it.

    Damn those words like selfie/cray cray/totes/amazeballs/ etc.. I admit to using one, but i see how people jump on board.

  2. but..... i like saying idk irl. it's just so easy!