Monday, April 1, 2013

why i love the internet and social media

But really.


I started blogging in 2008 when photos were tiny and posts were sporadic at best. And except for a few minor breaks, I've kept it up. Now 5 years later I find myself hanging out with internet friends on a regular basis. Internet friends! And most of them aren't even creepy! I bet somewhere out there an old person's brain exploded.

And instead of making this an eloquently written masterpiece that will be shared across time and space for it's brilliance, I'm just going to make a list. So here we go...

Why I love the Internet and Social Media.
1. It documents life. And since I'm a big fan of life (you too?), documenting it now to reminisce about it later is the best part.
2. It's inspirational. People have crazy awesome minds and I really like it.
3. It has a big, beautiful community of wonderful people. You're probably one of them if you're reading this. I always feel lucky to be able to read others' stories and share in strangers' lives. Especially when they're hilarious or heartbreakingly real.
4. It's really pretty.  (Like, really. A lot of really pretty things exist and now I know about them.)
5. It makes the world feel small (in a cozy way.) I can't count the number of times I curl up with the computer like I'm intimately meeting with an old friend. Why hello, internet.
6. It makes me smarter (and kinder.) I read articles and books from online recommendations that I wouldn't have found on my own. It makes me kinder because everyone has something they're working out and no one is exempt from crap (no matter how beautiful their pictures may appear or how vague their post is written.)
7. Instant gratification (and possibly an ego boost while we're at it.) That's definitely a perk.
8. It helps expose yourself to a broader range of people & interests. This is especially true for my artist husband.
9. It's just really great. Sometimes I don't actually know why I love it, I just know I do. It feels as if we'll all be blogging & instagramming for life.

What else? What else? I know I'm missing stuff so help me out. Why do you love it?

And now here is a huge array of pictures with so many links it's unbelievable. All with internet friends taken within the last few months. I like all of these people, but I still really like YOU even if you're not in any photos below. I'm still waiting to meet some of my favorite friends (like you, and you, and you.)

Links are to the left and down like you're reading a book.
The original internet friend, Kate, me, Bonnie, Cjane (just holding my hand like nbd), Elizabeth, Kate, me, Marta, Annie, Danielle, Abby, Brooke, Aubry, Michelle, me again, Stacy, Laura & Autumn, yours truly & ez squeeze, Gretchen, Brissa, Ayley, hysterical me, Brissa (again), Ayley (again), Kylee, Kelli, Sara, giant face me, Angela & Margo, EZ, and lastly... ME. (So apparently I like to be included in the photos.)

Next up... Why I sort of hate the Internet & Social Media.


  1. umm.. I'm not even in one photo..sad face.

    1. you didn't look closely enough... bc you are the ORIGINAL internet friend and i love you. i just wasn't sure what link to put ;)

    2. haaaaaa!!! i love that you put a photo up. i hope you know i was kidding. but hells yes... i'll be your original internet friend.

      also... noted:: wtf.. i'm CHUBByx2 in this. glad i'm not pregnant anymore. ha.ha.ha.

  2. So I don't know how to say this normally but hey. Ok. So. I realized through Instagram that Brissa (whoever she is) well she knows you who I know from real life and she knows Shay who I knew from real life (I haven't seen her in years but we went through elem jr and high school together) but now I mostly just read her blog. It's crazy to me that she knows both of you. And I know both of you. It's a small world out there. And it makes me think, maybe I should know this Brissa lady too. So, Brissa if you're reading this...hello!

    Oh and I love the Internet because if I don't know something I can look it up. It makes me feel smarter and dumber at the same time. (How did people remember all this shiz before they could look it up on the internet?) Ok. I'm done rambling.

  3. BOOO! i wanna see kate!
    mean comments. you hate the internet now, don'tcha! don'tcha!

    i'm glad you're in my cyberspace.
    (WHAT!^^ i'm totally putting that on a t-shirt. is it already on one? did i see in on the internet already and forgot but then just remembered something clever? i hate the internet!)

  4. i love love love this post. in my communication class today we talked about social media and despite all the cons that were thrown out there, i walked away even more grateful for all of it, especially blogs. you should have been in class today (or i should have read this post beforehand) so the pros list could be longer and more eloquently written. because it was a group thing my vote lost when picking the top three pros. i was fighting so hard for community/support/friends but they shot me down - those non-bloggers don't understand. i love the creative outlet it is, for someone who is better with written words than spoken ones, it's my go-to place for sharing what matters most.

  5. yes!!!! i love it too!! it brought me YOU! and so many other lovely friends. someday we will have a picture together. SOME freaking DAY!

  6. i love it too - so much. i overwhelm myself really easily though. (and your reasons for hating the internet are oh so true). but for me, the good outweighs the bad as long as i take it all in stride and take breaks when needed.

    happy i made it into the photos! ;)