Wednesday, April 17, 2013

our dear grum 1926 - 2013

Matt's grandfather Grum passed away last night. It's a sad yet peaceful time, and we ask if you have any spare prayers to offer them for Grum's sweet wife Dee Dee during this tender time.  Leo Boyce Thorup was one of the greatest men to walk this earth, and his memory and legacy will forever be a part of our lives. If there is an egg fight or water war in heaven today, we'll know who started it.

We Love You, Grum.
1. Grum holding Matt when he was a baby. 
2. Grum holding our baby EZ last February.
3. Four generations of Thorup men (taken just last week.)


  1. i'm so sorry, carla. i'll send all my prayers to Dee Dee. thank goodness for the truth about eternal families.
    and totally off topic, but ez looks like a little chunk in that second picture.

  2. I have loved reading about Grum in all your blog posts and Instagrams. He seems really wonderful.