Thursday, April 18, 2013

happy birthday little leo!

Such is the circle of life that in the same week we lose our big grandpa Leo to heaven, our little Leo goes and turns one year old. There are lots of reasons to celebrate Leo's this week!

Just one year ago Leo made his debut by his brave mama and tender papa as I fist-pumped and took pictures from the sidelines. Birth is so awesome. And you know what else is awesome? One year old boys. Leo is a ham! And still has rockstar hair and big 'ol lips like the day he was born. I'm so glad he's my nephew and EZ's best sidekick. It's probably time we get matching photos again...

Happy Birthday Leo!!

(and speaking of birth... I shared EZ's birth story over on the Freshly Picked Blog, the home of the best pair of moccasins he'll ever own. Thanks Annie and Susan!)

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  1. hi. that birth story made me cry. thanks a lot.