Monday, April 1, 2013

easter 2013

of course we were running late to church the morning of easter. 
and not because of hunting or eggs or even a delicious breakfast...
we slept in. all three of us.
church was amazing, though.
lots of worship and easter season thoughts.
we know that our Redeemer lives! 

so instead of pre-church family photos we took post-church family photos 
with the appropriate it's-nap-time-for-heaven's-sake meltdown.
doesn't the below video make us seem like stage-parents or something? 
smile for this picture or they'll be no milk for you, darnit all to heck!
it's just so sad. (and also, slightly hilarious being the parents involved.)
these photos are real gems. 

                                         behind the perfect easter from Carla Thorup on Vimeo.

but i like to think we made up for it with a freakin' delicious dinner
and then a very special egg hunt for one around our hole-y yard. 
(turns out we're re-doing our lawn this year.)
we acknowledged every single plane that flew by.
we let him get hopped up on a jelly-bean sugar rush.
we made rabbit faces and noises as we chalked the walk.
oh... and we made him wear his eggcellent eye patch 
because we can't let him have all the power.

(see last year for easter 2012 where everyone was squishier! and ez was bald bald bald.)