Friday, April 12, 2013

a good 'ol fashioned wedding slideshow

in lieu of our 6th wedding anniversary tomorrow, i've uploaded this classic wedding slide show from baby-faced to engaged. matt made it for our wedding dinner and it basically sums up our lives through various hair colors & shenanigans. maybe matt should go back to bleach? so hot. it's like 9 minutes or something, so really commit if you're going to watch it. (and the song keeps playing even when the video is over bc apparently we didn't know how to edit videos very well back in 2007.)
wedding slideshow 2007 from Carla Thorup on Vimeo.

i love you, matt.
you are my rock
and you're solid as one too.
happy iron anniversary 


  1. I watched the whole thing. I even waited a few seconds to make sure it was over.
    LISTEN. I love every single Carla I saw. mermaid Carla, baby pie eating Carla, sassy toddler Carla. ALL OF THEM.
    and i'm pretty sure Cory and Matt went through the same stages. bleached hair, adorable ginger baby, speedo with guys. twins.

    1. sometimes i think cory and matt are life twins, so that makes sense about the bleach & speedos.

      and thank you. i bed i'd like all stages of brown baby brissa.