Tuesday, April 23, 2013

a beautiful weekend

I was listening to a podcast on beauty this morning (on ted talk radio hour) and one of the speakers said 

"beauty is a way of altering human behavior for the better"
and then
"beauty is here to help us navigate and understand our lives."

Just perfect. It was such a beauty-filled weekend. Matt, EZ and I spent some quality time in the sun, Grum's funeral was amazing (and really really fun having everyone together),  and then we topped it off with little Leo's birthday party where EZ went full throttle into a cousin kiss. What an open-mouth warrior! All of the men in the Thorup family wore one of Grum's ties, we cried and laughed all the day long (literally long... since Grum's kids think 5 minutes actually means 20 ;)), and we even set off some fireworks in his honor. Little Leo's party was executed flawlessly like only my sis-in-law Megan can do and Leo clapped and cheered himself into a special part of our hearts. He is just so flippin' cute.  

Thankful for the beauty. 
(and the crazy... like ez's forehead bandaid and maybe my helaman warrior larping costume... ;) ya know, why not?)

Never Stop Loving. New family motto! Now get over here for a nice kiss on the mouth. Grum-diddy style!

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