Tuesday, March 5, 2013

that boy is so dangerous

All I can think about lately is how to keep my son from not hurting himself. Seriously, it's like a ticking time bomb before his first concussion or broken bone or trip to the ER because he's adamant about scaring the SHIZ out of his parents all the ding.dong.day.

He falls off the kitchen chairs (or falls over with one) every single day. One could look at this like it's Matt's or my fault, but I beg to differ. We tried to get angry, we tried to be soft and gentle, we tried to replace standing on chairs with a better behavior, but literally in one swift motion he is standing on the kitchen chair (or on the table) in less time than it takes for me to blink. And minutes after he's sustained a new bruise on his forehead from a head first fall - there he is again laughing hysterically from atop the kitchen table. But I can't get rid of the chairs... we actually do need something to sit on while we eat, right?

His newest game is standing on the back of the couch and jumping off of it (with no idea of the consequences if his mother is not there to catch him.) Heaven help me to always be there to catch him. And he looooooves standing on top of the coffee table. That's his favorite place to jump, of course. Of course it is.

I snapped all of these shots in a span of 10 minutes this morning. This kid has cajones.

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