Thursday, March 7, 2013


I've sat down at the computer a few different times the past week really wanting to write something. I have pictures to share and really great stories about EZ being a basket case of cute proportions, but it's just not coming. I keep saying re-entry from AZ to UT has been rough (and it has... with double doses of pink eye for EZ and the flu for myself and Matt), but I actually think it's re-entry into consistency that has been rough. I like consistency and I can feel the void.

Matt's job is going super well and we are very happy about it. He's working hard and impressing important Disney people, and boy we feel grateful for all of it. He was approved to work 10 extra hours (so 50 instead of 40) a few weeks back, and we're still struggling to find a new family schedule. But 10 extra hours is good news! Great news, really! So thanks Matthew, for being a hard worker. And for making it home for bedtime most nights.

EZ and I have been spending even more time together (like... somewhere around 10 extra probably) and it's great. Exhausting and busy and challenging and awesome all at once, just as it's always been in the ship of motherhood. He's exploding with information every minute and his vocabulary is quite impressive. Ask him a body part - he knows it (and says it and points to it.) Ask him his animal sounds (minus horse) and he'll dazzle you. He dances and sings and really likes saying "sh sh sh" for the mama on the bus while his tiny pointer finger touches his lips. Matt and I have been trying to teach him really random things, so if you have a suggestion we'll take it. Examples: "pop pop" Community style, saying "yis" instead of "yes" like FOTC, or randomly saying "holler" just because we are his parents and can teach that.

I've been absorbed in reading (especially Mormon stuff.) I just can't quit studying Mormonism and I think about all sorts of things all day long. I need to write my thoughts down so I don't forget them because I am so very forgetful (it's really a shame.) I'm lusting after a new camera and my hair is finally getting somewhere other than short. I really like working part time, but need to make more time to write and do something creative because my brain is overworked. Also, I wish I could hire house cleaners because that crap keeps a woman down on a daily basis. (Another solution could be to stop being so messy... but that sounds harder than cleaning.)

And now I'll go to sleep with a little more brain space. Peace Out.


  1. I feel like coming back from vacation is always rough for whatever reason. Yay for Matt getting more hours at work, but I know how rough it can be when the daddy's not around. Boo for that!

    P.S. I'm coming home this summer for a few months, so, even though you're all up in the blogging world of coolness now (or so it seems) let's still be friend and hang out. Ok?! Ok!

    1. i'm not even sure what this blogging world of coolness is, but i assure it's a myth. let's get the kids together and let them tear up the utah splash pads!