Monday, March 18, 2013

my my how you've grown

EZ! My buddy! Hello!

It's been many moons since your mama hen has sat down and told you what a phenomenal little person you're becoming. The last letter I can find was in September and that's unacceptable. But winter was cooooooold and I'm not sure I had the heart to tell you anything good while we were freezing every day.  I did write you a few emails that you'll one day get and probably be all like, email? Nobody emails anymore, MOM. And then I'll say You're Welcome, son. I've made it easy for you to be all "old school" or whatever the kids are saying these days. And then we'll laugh. Oh, how we'll laugh.

But enough about your future awesome adult self. Let's discuss your current self. You are nearly 20 months old, weigh approximately 24 lbs (but I could be off... as we're like 2 months late to your 18 month check up), and are on your way to 34 inches tall. Every day friends and neighbors say that you look like your daddy and most of the time I agree. You have blown up in the language department and I can't decide what my favorite word is. Mustache is great (bostache). Or when you learned Hair Cut (ayecutttt) last week. Probably one of the tops is when you yell Guido (WEEDO) all day long at your dog. You still announce when you've pooped, dance/jump/laugh/yawn/kiss/hug/high five/boom/smile/sing on que, and you run around trying to point out daddy's "peep" when you're both nekked. It's really very funny, although Matt doesn't laugh as much as we do.

The other day we were in the shower together and I was holding you so close to my face that our noses were touching. You pushed my face back and stared at my eyes like you'd never seen something so fascinating. You gently stroked my eyelashes and then not-so-gently tried to touch my actual eyeball all in the name of curiosity. We find you doing this to all sorts of things through out the day... a page on a book, the fur on Guido's tail, your hands, the sidewalk. Life is amazing and you're really trying to figure that out.

We've spent almost 5 weeks with off and on sicknesses and we're OVER IT. Stop with the snot. The coughing. The waking up in the middle of the night. I can see a light at the end of the tunnel, so let's not ruin it by catching anything else. Being sick makes you cranky and it's nobody's favorite EZ.  Other than being sick and a few teething nights, you don't cry a ton. You weren't great on the road trip to AZ... and it may have scarred me and your uncle Spencer a bit, but we're ok now. I'm sorry you get motion sickness and I guess we'll be more prepared for your next road trip. And I'll really really try to sunscreen this summer... because child, you white.

Matt and I often look at you and then at each other and just start laughing. EZ Red, you can be really funny sometimes. You like to jump onto our necks when we're lying down (or just sit on us like that.) You make faces in the mirror and have conversations with yourself. You ask for a "teat" or a "dooky" every day (treat and cookie) because apparently you've developed a sweet tooth in between the green shakes. But we can't complain, because you're a champion eater and will eat nearly anything we put in front of you (brussel sprouts, asparagus, and thai food included.) Just last night you finished off some popcorn, jumped onto your dad's head from the couch, "hurt" your hand over and over just so we would kiss it better,  kicked the ball back and forth with me (you actually say "dick" and it's funny) and then cuddled for books all in the space of 30 minutes. You're wild, you're tame, you're big, you're small.

You're everything, Mr. EZ Squeeze. That's fo sho. 20 months old looks good on you.

We love you as big as the sky and as wide as the sea.
And probably even a bit more too.

Love, Mama Bear

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