Wednesday, March 13, 2013

girl's camp 2013: candyland style

Once upon a time I got a calling to be the Assistant Stake Camp Director, which means Matt was unofficially called to be the Assistant to the Assistant Stake Camp Director. Just like when Matt was called to be the Ward Mission Leader and I was unofficially called to be the Assistant to the Ward Mission Leader (especially now that we have Sisters serving in our ward!) We like to call them "Our Callings" around this house ;)

I'm lucky enough to work with a fantastic Stake Camp Director named Lisa and we are having FUN. We chose the theme "Sweet is the Work when we Walk in His Way" for our 2013 Girl's Camp, and we are making a full on Candy Kingdom! We are focusing on service and the place that YW have in the gospel work, as well as the many characteristics of Christ that help us to become more Christ-like. All the while surrounding ourselves with candy. How delicious.

The assistant to the assistant volunteered (or was forced?) to draw 8 custom Candyland-type Characters to fit within our theme to give to each of our 8 wards. Matt is so talented and I am beyond lucky he is my husband. After he drew the candy girls, I printed them off 3ft x 4ft, colored them (with some BFF help), and then mounted them on cardboard to display at the Fireside.

Then I gave each girl a bio that corresponded with a candy and a Christlike attribute that we'd like their ward to focus on through out camp (por ejemplo... Piper Mint hails from the Peppermint Forest on the edge of the Candy Kingdom. She smiles and laughs as she works picking canes from the minty fresh forest. She is virtuous and loving in all she does.)

**You can buy this camp idea with the custom illustrations for $25 right here!**

BOOM. Good thing I love girl's camp because this is only just the beginning!

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