Tuesday, February 12, 2013

v-day 2002 edition

Matt was a few weeks past the ripe young age of 17 and I was a very excited 16 year old when our first Valentine's Day as a couple came around. In the morning he dropped off an empty Dr Pepper box with about 64 enveloped valentines (all individually addressed to me with a variety of nicknames) and a giant (maybe 3 foot?) fake flower. That boy was nothing if not romantically quirky. It was 2002 and the SLC Olympics were in full swing. We went to see either a Nelly Furtado or a SmashMouth concert (we went to both during the Olympics, but cannot recall which one we saw that specific night, but trust us when we say they were just fantastic concerts. I mean, Nelly Furtado? I'm like a bird... and then you have SmashMouth who sings that one song.)  After the concert we drove up to his Grandparent's cabin to have a sleepover with his parents & sister and attend some Olympic skiing event the next morning. We stayed up late watching Moulin Rouge, totally made-out after his parents went to bed, and when Matt dropped me off at my bedroom he whispered I Love You for the first time. I remember I shyly said it back and then we probably made out some more... because literally what else did teenager Matt & Carla do? Kissing was SO FUN.  I was barely able to fall asleep that night because I was so excited to wake up and hang out with him again. Oh, first love.

 Also, let's just notice how we don't even look that different? Weird.

Also, bus ads.

Oh, and Matt added that caption with paper and tape... so like before the world of photoshop. And we kept it that way when we scanned it in for our wedding video because it's just SO MATT.

And a sleepover with my boyfriend and his family when I was 16? Thanks parents! But also, Parents be crazy. SO MUCH KISSING. How did they not see that coming? Pass the chapstick, please.

Also, I still have the Dr Pepper box and all the valentines. We read them every coupla years 



  1. I seriously love this. parents be totally cray, mmmmm making out when all you can do is make out was the best. it still is well, you know...
    and I like how you look the same. I think I would have been friends with 2002 Carla.

  2. This is the best story I've ever read.

  3. So cuuuute! Why did I never meet you in all of my hangouts with Matt and his friends??

  4. I mean, back in high school times, because we've totally met since then. Art of Shaving!