Monday, February 18, 2013

major love at scorez

We've never put much pressure on Valentine's Day for having super big gestures of love, but boy the little gestures added up this year for a big 'ol day of hubba-hubba.

Matt purchased me a domain (content possibly coming soon) because he believes in me and it really is one of his sweetest gifts ever, and I made him a big 'ol green smoothie for breakfast and got him a new water bottle because we just get each other. Then he went off to work while EZ and I stayed in our jimjams and did laundry and some cleaning and had a nice big bubble bath. After nap time, we jumped in the car and headed downtown to meet dad at the children's discovery museum before eating pizza at the deserted Gateway (oh City Creek, you've made it a ghost town over there!)

Then we packed EZ up to go have a sleepover with his (wonderful, amazing, generous) Grandparents, and Matt came and watched me play a soccer game. I changed from sweaty to saucy in the restroom and we hustled to meet some friends at a bar called SCOREZ for some high-class Karaoke.

I mean, fun I was expecting. Hilarious, embarrassing, wild... all adjectives that hit the nail on the head for an evening of karaoke. But I never thought it would be so utterly romantic! When I was on the stage belting Enrique's HERO for Matt and Matt alone, I found it to be one of the most romantic things I've done for him. And when he went on stage and freakin' crushed DO YOU REMEMBER by MJ, I honestly thought I might not be able to love him more than I did in that very instant. The romance of those two songs spanned our lives from 16 to 96 and beyond, and I got a taste of our whole packaged deal as a couple... and I liked it. Like, LIKE-LIKED IT. It didn't matter that we weren't quite hitting the notes or completely on the beat or whatever, it was that we were standing on a stage and singing into a microphone that we were in love and we planned on sharing it with the world. Well the world or a bar full of hill-billy drunks and some of our dear friends (either one, really.)

So yeah, WE LOVE EACH OTHER. Booyah Booyah, Valentine's!

And we also love our friends. It wouldn't have been a party without Kassey, Kerin, Ash, Sam, Mandy, Dill, and cousin. Again real soon por favor.

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  1. i loved the vine video of matt singing. now that's karaoke!