Tuesday, January 29, 2013

movie nights & snow

January shmanuary. Oy. This winter has been harsh and just as we get a glimpse of blue sky and sunshine, it beats us back with sickly, inversion air and another storm.

We have watched a lot of Dumbo (CHOO CHOO!) and played a lot of Mr. Potato Head (BABY! HAT!) and eaten a lot of popcorn (I WANNN I WANNNN!)

EZ is blowing up in the word department and it's pretty awesome how much he's communicating. Like when we're eating dinner and he yells POOP! and then dooces right on the spot just like he announced. Even better is when he announces POOP! in the bathtub and then laughs hysterically when he dooces in the toilet. Or how he asks 100 times a day for CHOO CHOO because he just wants to watch Dumbo over and over and over. Or we direct him to do something (Go find mom and tell her you love her) and he DOES IT. Big hugs and kisses and "YOVE YOOS" included. Also, he throws tantrums when he doesn't get CHOO CHOO or WANNN DAT WANNN DAT whatever "dat" is, so that's happening too.

And we've been church busy. But that's sort of slowing down, so maybe I'll actually sit down and write some of our life out. Otherwise I'll forget about it because that's just how it is.


  1. a deuce announcer!
    i still can't get over that he's not terrified of dumbo. i'm scared for him.

  2. I stalked you down. So glad to have met you last night- you are so warm and inviting and easy to talk to. Didn't realize you had a little one. I can't help but hope that when I have kids they will announce POOP at the dinner table. Is there anything better?