Thursday, January 10, 2013




Basically we bought tickets so long ago that we could have been impregnated and delivered the baby (baby baby oooohhh) with how long of a wait it's been for this concert. I pulled some shenanigans and got 16 tickets all together with some of my best girls (but not all my best girls... i missed some of ya'll dearly.)

And oh boy Mr. Justin Bieber put on a spectacular show. Spectacular, I say! He sang his old bieber-baby stuff to make us swoon and almost all of his new album to keep us dancing (and singing! and screaming! and chanting!) the entire show. Kassey was the die hard who had real live tears at one point. I admire her commitment!

Sweet Carly Rae Jepsen was just poppy enough to get the party started... And then (after kind of a long wait) Justin flew out on metal wings! The stadium was NUH-UTS the whole show. So many screaming girls! It was amazing. I've worn my bieb shirt twice already since Saturday because I just wanna hold on a little bit longer. He did take us places we had never been before just like our boyfriend promised. He's so swaggy, that Justin.

Love you: Ashley, Rachel, Melina, Megan, Avery, Krystal, Addie, Melanie, Kassey, Kaira, Kerin, Khloe, and Megan. This night will not be forgotten.



  1. I wish it wasn't over!!!! That night will top anything I ever do... EVER! thank you thank you thank you carla

  2. you know how I feel about this. but I really am happy for you. really. I bet he was amazing. is actually a good thing I didn't go. my love would have been upped to crazy stalker level.