Monday, December 10, 2012

to give: scripture power

Matt and I committed to reading the entire Book of Mormon in the 31 days between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. I have never read it this quickly before and Matt hasn't done so since his mission days (we're talking 7 years maybe?) So we started the day after Thanksgiving and you guys, it's awesome. We've watched less TV and are making more time for personal and family study, pondering and discussions of doctrine, and feel like we've really welcomed the spirit of Christ into our home more than ever before. It's humbling and has filled us with more gratitude (and awareness of our blessings) than previous years. (15 days left!)

There are verses in Alma (18:24-29 ish) where the missionary Ammon is speaking to king Lamoni about God (the great spirit) and what he knows about Him. Ammon asks "Believest thou that this Great Spirit, who is God, created all things which are in heaven and in the earth?" and the king responds, "Yea, I believe he created all things which are in the earth; but I do not know the heavens."  He doesn't know the heavens!? When I read that scripture my heart was so touched for people that may not know the heavens. Or God. Or Christ.  Mostly because I have felt the presence of heaven and Heavenly Parents and heavenly heritage my entire life (in good times and bad,) and it's amazing. God is SO good and he has so much love to give to his children, and oh my heart aches for everyone to know heaven. To feel the peace and hope that Christ brings. To be encircled with His love. Because it's good. Like, really really good. 

So this Christmas I'd love to encourage you to read the scriptures (all can be found online or on a free app if you're so inclined. We're listening to the BoM on the Mormon Channel app and it's super awesome because the narrator is so passionate! I get chills when he reads verses of testimony.) We always read the Christmas story in Luke on Christmas Eve, but wouldn't it be even greater if you spent time to study Christ for 2 weeks leading up to his birthday? Read the Book of Mormon! Or The Bible! (Kylee posted about a 40 day walk with Christ that looked great.) Or Christmas stories of service! Or any story about heaven and the divine! Or if you aren't big into reading, listen to songs testifying of Christ and then go and get to work. Be an angel to someone else and you're helping them feel heaven. We'll see you out there!

So go ahead and give some time to God & Jesus Christ and read their words. It's a gift for you, for your family, and for you friends, too. And it's free, so why not? Scripture Power is the power to win! (I really do love that primary song. You too?)

And I guess I'll go ahead and end this with an Amen. 


  1. I love this, I've always wanted to read the scriptures in a short period of time, but, I never do because I'm lazy. Shocker! You've inspired me, new years resolution?

  2. yep.. i'll add an amen to this too. the scriptures are rad. i'm so grateful that we have our own guidebook per se during these times.

  3. amen sista! scripture power!!!!!!!!!!