Thursday, December 27, 2012

the eve

on the eve of the merriest christmas thus far in their young lives, mother earth was blanketed by albino mineral powder'd make-up-like snow which made the lights brighter and the world more peaceful. mr. ezekiel red was hilariously charming all night and little-leo-loo-who came dressed as an old-school reindeer. the sweet dog bella played new-school reindeer and was repeatedly attacked by an overly zealous polar-bear clad boy. choo-choos were a plenty as were cookies and doting grands. a sleepy babe snug'd up to his blue elephant as he drifted into the slumberly peace of a little lamb. the soundtrack was johnny mathis mingled with bieber fever as the papa bear spent over 1 but under 2 hours prepping for the following morn. the mama finished wrapping the i's and bow-ing the t's until meeting her man under the mistletoe for some nog and snog. teeth were brushed and books were read as they nestled into a new {and very comfortable} memory foam mattress topper into sleigh-belling-ring-ting-ting-a-ling dreams. 


  1. You guys are bad A. Seriously I love your little fam so much and the EZ.. oh man oh man.

  2. bad A is definitely the way to put it.