Monday, December 17, 2012

snow day

We woke up Saturday morning to a heavy blanket of snow. It was nice to wake up to something quiet after the intense sadness of Friday's shooting in Connecticut. Oh the pain humans have to endure in this life. Our hearts are heavy with sadness for all the people involved & have been praying for comfort, peace, understanding, and most importantly love.

We have the sweetest neighbor named Diane who came running pajama-clad out of her house to give EZ that new hat. Isn't it amazing? She also noticed EZ was pushing around a broom bc the shovels were too heavy, and yesterday she dropped off an EZ-size shovel as a Christmas present. Kindess and love is much more abundant than hatred and evil,  and people like Diane remind me every day. I'll do my best to pass it along today.


  1. Anonymous says:
    Anonymous will say: EZ is a busy man.

  2. diane. i like her. i like ez too. my heart is still hurting a bit. it's all just so sad. but i had the same thought you did saturday morning. the snow was nice. it was calming. it was needed.

  3. Child-size snow shovel? Score! Glad the snowfall helped with morale, it helped around here too. Although our snow is melting already, so bye-bye wintery fun times for us.