Thursday, December 6, 2012

november 2012

November was a big month. Maybe our biggest month all year? It was busy and full and mostly awesome for it's entirety.

I started playing in an indoor soccer league with some HS friends and although we aren't great (like maybe no wins yet,) it's been really fun. And I even scored a goal which felt glorious since it's been probably like 6 years since I've scored... on a soccer field ;)  I also met up with all sorts of wonderful women from my neighborhood and the internet (hi Kate! hi Laura! hi party!) and also got plenty of face time with the BFFs. It's always a good month when I can say that. My sister and I have gone 11 months strong with drinking green smoothies & going to the gym regularly, I needed a hair cut but instead got EZ one, and then spent some time gathering Christmas presents in prep for December. Oh yes, and I got a new calling at church as Stake Assistant Camp Director, which is awesome because I really really ruh-eally love Girl's Camp and now I get to help plan it.

Matt went to a very important interview in the 2nd week of November for a character artist position with Avalanche Interactive (aka Disney) and after 2 weeks of biting his nails & my nails & even Guido's nails ... (spoiler alert) ...He got the job!! And we haven't stopped celebrating since. He grew a caterpillar on his face, got a new calling as Ward Mission Leader, let his dog lick his face a lot (ewww), and really thought hard about exercising. He also purchased EZ a toy any time they entered a store because "he just couldn't say no." This will lead to problems later, but for today I'm calling it cute. 

EZ decided November was his month to become a mad man. A lot of my photos are blurry because he never stopped moving. He really dedicated his attention to climbing on things, which made us realize he has absolutely no fear or reservations about jumping off of things and then curiously enough, got a lot of bumps and bruises. He still sleeps 12 + hours a night, eats almost everything, and didn't cry during his first hair cut (but maybe because he had a sucker and my pretty best friend cut it.) And for a while now we've wondered where in the world EZ learned all of his cray cray faces....

and then I saw these three pictures together and I was like... OH. THERE IT IS.

As a family, we attended a big Thorup Thanksgiving which was wonderful and festive and included a Martha Steweart look-a-like paper bag turkey. We ran a 5k on T-day with some of my siblings, picked up an old-school record player out of our neighbor's trash pile & cheered as it actually worked, and left EZ with a sitter as Matt and I started our holiday parties with a fantastic night out. 

Boom. November'd.


  1. I love this. What a fun month you had! Congrats on the new job!! That's so awesome. I'm dying to visit with you and hear all the details. Not to mention - my baby...Hello!

  2. check out his baby swag in that picture with the backpack. i've said it before and i'll say it again, he's the coolest!