Monday, December 24, 2012

merry merry!

It's Christmas Eve and we are all feeling the magic in a very merry way this year as EZ the Red nose'd boy leads the way. We went to see Mr. Clause just this morning and EZ was so darn sweet. He was a bit star struck by the man in red (we've been prepping with books and ho's!), but he bravely walked right up to him (while nervously clutching our hands) and sat in his lap, gave Santa knucks, nodded when he said he'd like a truck or some new balls for Christmas, and then quietly said "ho ho ho" under his breath. Once he got the sucker he turned around and yelled "BYEEE!" and "HO HO HO" super loud and obviously stoked by the whole experience. He understands the magic. 

Other festive things this December: visiting Temple Square, Zoo lights, Christmas crafts, our table-top tree that EZ likes to point at but thankfully can't reach, twinkle lights and cuddle sessions (including some naps!), family movie nights where EZ got really into the films,  and some really wonderful opportunities to serve with family (zekey boy chose a pink ball to give away) and neighbor friends (a really sweet moment of giving and singing carols.) It really is the best time of the year.

A non-festive thing that happened was EZ getting a virus all last week and turning into a sad boy for like 6 days (including fever, throw-up, extra diaper changes, and lots and lots of snugs.)  Thankfully it has passed and he is on the mend & back to his mischievous ways. I'll take a rascal boy over a sick boy any day.

We wish everyone out there a safe and happy Christmas. We are finishing reading the Book of Mormon today and it's brought the sweetest spirit into our home this season. Jesus Christ lives and I'm so thankful for that knowledge. May you feel blessed and filled with the spirit as we think of Him and of others.

We Love You.


  1. you're such a fun family. can i join?

    merry christmas to the thorups!!

    1. you are totes invited whenever you are in Utah. come for a visit! or maybe we'll come to Nashville!