Wednesday, December 5, 2012

happy day for matt and walt

It's Walt Disney's birthday! Thanks for making magic, sir!

And guess what else? (this is actually old news if you're on IG or FB but...)

Matt got a new job! And he started today! And it's at the Salt Lake branch of DISNEY!

So yeah, it's a very happy day around here.

Matt's not home yet, but I've already received texts that read:
"Red velvet cheesecake to celebrate Walt's birthday!"

So I'm going to assume his first day went well :)
A lot of exclamation points in this post.

And a few photos of a bike ride a few weeks back when Matt had that mustache and EZ fell asleep just because.


  1. gahhhh... SO exciting on Matt's job! way to go!!

  2. SRSLY. such a good life/job/cake.