Saturday, December 29, 2012

christmas day 2012, yo

Matt spent an hour and half blowing up EZ's big Christmas gift and it was totally worth it. EZ walked straight up to it, got on his tip toes while peaking over the edge and said "WHOA." And then we played and jumped for 15 minutes before doing anything else and he has been yelling/chanting "BALL BALLS BALLLLSSSS!" ever since.  We got a lot of blurry, happy pictures and some of my most favorite videos in his existence. Christmas is ruh-eally fun with a kid. Matt's parents generously gave us some money to spend on EZ and this is what we chose to buy for him to get us through the long winter months.  [thanks!!] I got some of our newest family pictures printed up for the special day and Matt and I both nailed in the gift giving department. Guido was up in everybody's grill but did get a little sumptin' sumptin' from 'ol Saint Nick because he's been a mostly good dog this year.   

So this one time I went to Down East Home and bought $40 Pottery Barn stockings for $7 each, the only problem was they already had names embroidered on them. And instead of, like, un-picking the names and trying to make them ours - we just hung them up the other direction and then played "Which stocking did you get!?" that morning. I faked Matt out by switching his to the Akiko one, I got the Evelyn one, I think EZ got Blake's and Guido ended up with Casey's. Matt said it's a little ghetto, but I smell a new family tradition. Just look at how excited we were about it! Hello.

We spent the rest of the day with family and it was superb. Everyone was very generous and EZ was sppppoiled by this grandparents on both sides. He is a lucky little dude. Then we all watched Pitch Perfect and enjoyed every little bit of it. I have a fat heart for that movie.

Send your kids over to jump! Merry Christmas indeed.

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  1. a merry merry christmas indeed. me and haze are coming over. im serious. give me your addy and we will be there.