Monday, November 26, 2012

to give: hip & handmade

If you aren't a crafter yourself, then you probably know a crafty girl or two that could use this book. It's from The Craft Pack and it's a PDF download e-book called A Hip Handmade Holiday! I've already purchased my own copy and have used the {perfectly designed} packaging stickers for a few early gifts, and plan to make leather mistletoe and the Ho Ho Ho pillows and even a jingle collar for the G-dog before the month is through.

And it's on sale for Cyber Monday! (why do we always have to give "labels" to days? people are weird.)

So what normally is only a $10 book is now a $7.50 book for today only with the code CRAFTY. (That's 25% off!)

I attended a fantastically festive holiday party back in October to celebrate the book & see some of the crafts in person (and took these really poor quality cell phone pics... wah wah wah.)  I also chatted with SusanAlison and Matt of the Craft Pack and they are such great people. Just good, solid, hard-working and passionate people that really care about their book and their products.

Alison has better pictures of the various crafts. My favorite is probably the Holiday Hoops because I want to add antlers to EZ's head! And we all know Matt looks great in a red beard, but I bet it'd be even better in white. 

So buy it today if you've got the crafty tingle and you want to make it jingle!
(that was a terrible rhyme, but I'm sticking with it.)

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  1. Hahaha, 'crafty tingle...make it jingle'! Love it!

    You've got me drooling over some crafts now. These are awesome!