Friday, November 16, 2012

to give: family

Last year for Christmas all of the Thorup children went in on a group present for David & Carole to update their family photo. I mean, not that this beauty wasn't a timeless gem...

Because it really is a gem. Denim! Khaki! Matt's bull cut! It's perfect. However, since everyone in the family has aged like 18 years or so (nbd), and also 3 spouses and 2 grand kids have been added to the clan... we thought it might just be about time for a new one. But don't you worry, we'll find space in their house to continue displaying this one still. Nobody puts Denim in the corner. 

So we hired the our favorite girl Jalene Taylor to shoot the whole fam damily. You know Jalene, she did our maternity photos (i still love JB) and EZ's newborn photos and is all around just great. Well we knew we'd have to coordinate schedules with DJ who lives out of town, and Megan who was pregnant, and Jake who hadn't actually married Emily yet... so instead of scheduling an appointment for a photo shoot, we gave a Gift Card for a future shoot. I thought it was one of our best group gifts yet!

And then 10 months went by and we finally made it happen.

Josh, DJ, Carla, EZ, Matt, Carole, David, Megan, Brady, Leo, Emily, Jake.

I love how they turned out (there are so many more I'll probably end up posting later too.)

So, if you needed a gift idea...  a Gift Card for a family photo shoot was excellente! And I bet Jalene would love to shoot you, too (and I'm not even getting paid from her to say that! I just honestly believe she'll make you look and feel like models while also getting it done in exactly 1 hour. Thanks girl!) But really, it's not who you hire or who takes the photos. It's that you're taking the time to get them done & be together. Even if that means gathering together in front of a tri-pod, just making it happen is what counts. 

I have a few more gifts up my sleeve that I think would make great presents this year. I'll share some more later just 'cause I love giving.

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