Tuesday, November 13, 2012

s'ghetti, broc, and a kk

EZ prefers to "palm" his spaghetti into his mouth. I'm not sure it's very effective... but hey man, whatever works. He is also pretty particular about his broccoli and will only eat it if it's a full tree (don't you dare cut it up for him) and occasionally won't eat the stem, but only the tops. I just thank the goodness of the veggie gods that he's eating them. And on this particular night we ended with a kit kat because he was all give me a break, woman, I earned that kat tonight.

 Dinner is always #guidobombed by that rascal pooch. He is so well fed because of the squeeze.


  1. I need those veggie gods... my kid will act like he likes veggies then change his mind and REFUSE everything.

    PS I never tire of pictures of EZ. Just so you know.

  2. does he like his trees plain or with a little snow?