Friday, November 30, 2012

September & October 2012

I'm behind on monthly recaps and now I don't want to write them. But for the gosh darn sake of it all, I will. Quickly.

September was a fine month. We hung out in nature, had a family wedding, met our newest nephew Porter, had a few terrible nights of co-sleeping while on vacation, Matt got EZ a terribly disgusting g-unit binkie, read some books (Matt used a sexy voice to read parts of Catching Fire and it was SO FUNNY. He is a nut.) EZ took his first official steps sans walker, and then got 2 new molars at the end of the month which derailed walking because he couldn't function on anything else besides growing teeth! Terrible terrible teeth-growing! We did quite a bit of babysitting for family and friends, EZ chucked my iphone across the room and shattered the screen (but thankfully it still works... just looks terrible,) and he continued to enchant us with his witty antics. There were also a few meltdowns from everyone in the family (we like to take turns around here.) I had a very fun sleepover with some girlfriends (plus like... 4 other nights out) and Matt was an awesome father (per usual, who am I kidding.)

October ushered in my 27th Birthday & some reminiscing on my younger years, the most emotional General Conference session ever (age change!), a fever'd teething baby, meeting up with some great blog people while simultaneously making crafts, lots and lots of Halloween parties (including Adobe's insanely huge one,) some hard core budget meetings, and EZ becoming an expert walker. Also a few more meltdowns, the eye-patching continued, and we pulled out his winter boots even though we didn't need them. Most of my picture are telling me it was a month all about EZ, which makes sense around here. Matt worked quite a bit & tried to sketch more often and kept his face fully shorn (in prep for Movember.) I worked PT and tried to keep the house running and the child entertained. We went to a puppet show and made messes and overall just loved on each other. That kid. We just love him so much. Oh and Matt and I celebrated 11 years of meeting & our first kiss and we still like each other.

 I probably forgot some stuff because I actually have a terrible memory. But now I can go into the final month of the year with some blogging peace of mind.


  1. most emotional general conference session ever is right.

  2. Haha -- "There were also a few meltdowns from everyone in the family (we like to take turns around here.)" I know that all too well!

    And Happy Belated Birthday!