Thursday, November 29, 2012

one curl

EZ is 16 months old today and he'll be having his first hair cut later this afternoon. He's never had much in the hair department with little more than strawberry-blonde fuzz, but lately his euro-mullet and baby wisps having really taken over. He even had enough on top to take my straightener to it and give him one curl (or wave... or thin mowhawky look?) And I'll just come right out and say I LOVE IT. What a cherub!  A feisty, squealing, tooth-brushing cherub! I want him to have thicker locks so I can really do something with it, but after a few jumps & face plants on the couch (his activity favorito lately) the one curl turns into wisps again and it seems like such a pipe dream to keep it up. 

Oh bless that one curl and his big, beautiful forehead! He's ours through and through with that 6 finger noggin. Please bless that it grows swiftly like a weed and a shag is just around the corner. That's not impossible, right?


  1. love it. he's so cool.
    if any kid could pull of not having a lot of hair, it'd be him.

  2. oh goodness... cutest thing ever!

    6 finger foreheads = more room to kiss

  3. i see the curl but i'm distracted by the amount of toothbrushes he's holding...

    1. what can i say, his grandpa is a dentist and he is passionate about dental hygiene.