Friday, October 26, 2012

*when daddy dragon and mommy dragon love each other very much...

Baby Dragon! We borrowed this costume from a friend (thanks Melanie!) and it's basically perfect for our always-on-hand-and-super-easy adult dragon costumes to form a perfect dragon union. EZ was a hot commodity dance partner at the Special Needs dance we went to this week. He had more partners than Matt and I combined and charmed the halloween pants off everyone that saw him. Especially when he walked around like a wee frankenstein (video coming soon) all shaky and drunk. Halloween is the mecca of cute because babies in costumes are even cuter than everyday babies.

Updated:: Click HERE to see a video of him watching while Matt waxes poetic about Vanilla Ice in the background.

*i already used this joke on instagram... but i re-use funny jokes when it's worth it.

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