Monday, October 8, 2012


I started filling out my missionary packet 2 weeks before Matt got home from serving his mission in Spain. I had always wanted to serve from a young age, but felt conflicted now that Matt was coming home. I went to all the doctors appointments, all the bishop/stake president interviews, and Matt and I talked in length about missions. I had all the i's dotted and t's crossed I just hadn't mailed it off. He was very excited for me to go, but also expressed how much he'd miss me (which really wasn't heavily factored as we'd already done it once.) I chose not to go and never regret that decision, but occasionally still feel an ache for something lost.

As a girl that actually experienced the predicament of choosing between serving the God she loved and marrying a man she loved (which I believed God was happy about), I was overwhelmed with joy at the announcement from the Prophet that women can serve a mission beginning at age 19 (instead of 21.) Nineteen!! Matt and I would have served at the same time! There will never be an issue of mission or marriage, but only mission and marriage. When it was announced, Matt and I shouted with wide eyes (and shock) and then I immediately started sobbing. And I sobbed on and off for two days. Matt didn't realize how huge this announcement was until he saw the depth of emotion coming from his wife. I didn't even realize how deeply grateful I felt until we started processing what it means for our church. Until twitter blew up with thousands of happy people. Until Elder Holland giddily told us more details and exclaimed it a miraculous revelation. This is huge and is going to change so much about the world.  It's a good time to be a Mormon!

And because she always says it better (and I just love her), you should read Joanna Brooks' post about it. (Because that resonated SO much with how I feel. I would have been a good missionary and it's okay to think that.)



  1. mission AND marriage. i love that.

  2. agreed. agreed, agreed, agreed! #lds4life!

  3. yes this is a good change for the church. i have mixed emotions - and yes, i hope the older generation of women can embrace the change and somehow we can let our grudges go. i am reading book of mormon girl right now... glad we have some voices speaking up and changes happening.
    thanks for sharing.

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    2. i think there is always mixed emotions with big changes, so i getcha. also - i really liked the book of mormon girl and i've thought about it a lot since finishing. matt and i have even had some debates after reading it. i'd love to hear what you think. (i did that unknown comment and then deleted it!)